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We think your Zen Balm is a miracle cure for just about all that ails us....Thank you for the product and thank you for your fast shipping.  I appreciate you and your business.  God Bless.

Robbi L.

Voss, TX


My boyfriend used a sample on some long time back pain and felt immediate results.  He even stopped using it and the pain came back.  He started using it again and the pain went away.  He couldn't believe it!  He is thrilled.  We are anxiously awaiting the larger supply.  Thanks!!


Austin, TX


Suzen, I just wanted to tell you, lately with all that has been going on at work, the climbing ladders, kneeling to get boxes, standing for hours on my feet, my knee was terribly painful.  I put Zen Balm on before bed and then again the following morning before work....and the pain is absolutely gone!  It was so painful, I am so happy it is gone!  And so quickly!  Thank you!  Bless you!


Ontario, Canada


The Zen Balm is amazing!  

I have been using it nightly on my hands, feet, face, arthritic knee, etc  It makes my skin feel so good and also helps with the pain in my knee.  This product worked wonders for a chemical burn I recieved on my face and helped me heal quickly.  It worked better than what the Dr. Prescribed.




I want to thank you for your wonderful products!  I have rubbed Zen Balm on a strained tendon, age spots and sore hands and aching joints.  It smells good and heals what hurts.


Andrews, TX


I have knee bursitis and nothing I have used gave me relief until I tried the Zen Balm.  I rubbed a little on the front and back of my knee and the pain was gone immediately.  It has also given me relief for sore tight muscles in my neck, back and arms.  Nothing on the market is better than this, and I know, since I have tried several 'natural' gels.




I have scoliosis, osteo and a bad experience with surgery.  I am missing a disc and some bone.  Not much helps, but this does.  I am a first time user and am VERY pleased with the results.  I am a human barometer and with the weather un upstate NY, this is a miracle in a jar - and there is no offensive smell!  Thanks Suzen.





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