Suzen Dopson
Zenscents was established in 1995 after making various items and sharing them with friends.
Lots of encouragement and a few years later I took the plunge.  The Zen Balm has been a consistent hit, as well as the lotions and Flower Essences.  
My ultimate goal is to empower others to know that they have the power to heal themselves, with the help of Mother Nature of course, and other wonderful and magical ways.
I can never deny that magic is real, and that we create, are creators,
and all there is, is this now moment.
Reiki Master
10 years study with Neena Wagnon, Master Teacher
and Wendy Chicchetti Master Teacher
Sound/Vibrational Therapist
Francine Milford, creator of Tuning Fork Therapy
Flower Essence Practioner
Wendy Stevens, Herbalist, Flower Essence Practioner, farmer
Munay-Ki Graduate
Charles Conatser, College professor, Shaman, Healer,
Drum maker, Master of much
Many Shamanic Initiations
Jesse Wolf Hardin, Charles Conatser many personal experiences
(you can read about a few of them here)
Psycopomp Work/Extraction
guidance of souls to the afterlife/extraction of old or unwanted energies
Study with Charles Conatster
Living in: Bullhead City, AZ
Dale Gagnon
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