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Products available at these locations:

Mountain View Market Co-Op             Zen Balm

1300 El Paseo

Las Cruces, NM

Indigo Mermaid                              Zen Balm, Flower Essence blends,

4001 W. Picacho Ave.                         De Odor Ain't

Las Cruces, NM

Gems of Silver City                           Zen Balm, Flower Essence blends 

218 N. Ballard St.                              and singles, Firming cream

Silver City, NM

Good Life Healing Arts and Gift Shop    Zen Balm, De Odor Ain't

50 Public Square  Suite D-2                 Select Flower Essences

Watertown, NY  

Flower Essences

over 30 to choose from!

Goddess Elixir! flower essence blend 
This essence blend is all about embracing the great Goddess within every woman. Helps to heal and release old patterns of behavior and opens ones energy field to receive and give love. Overcoming sexual repression, Opens channels of feminine expression.
Flowers of: Turks cap (why are you afraid? Why are you closed up?) Silverleaf Nightshade (own your own power in every way) Red Rose (powerful healing of old sexual wounds) Peach Blossom (embrace your feminine nature fully ~ healing of the Mother wound) Mountain Pride (erases fear of standing up for your truth, spiritual warrior) Bridal Wreath (pure happiness and celebration) Sacred Datura (goddess powerhouse, Opens channels of receptivity)
$20 each 
Contact me for more information or to order
Goddess Blessings!

Flower Essences Singles....$10


contact info below

working on the store, sorry for the inconvenience

Lenormand Card Readings

a predictive tool

approx. one hour ~ all questions answered 

Lenormand is a card reading system developed early on as Cartomacy (reading playing cards). 

It was called 'The Game of Hope" 

Madame Lenormand of France made it popular in the 1800s

and the system has adopted her name ever since.

It is different than Tarot, as in every deck the number card is read the same.  Each card has multiple meanings depending on the context of the question.  For instance, the Bear could mean mother, overbearing, bully, protection or protective, boss, health, strong, big, hairy, slow, etc.  

It reads like a sentence and goes in all directions for deeper meaning and understanding of any situation.

I lay out the cards after you have cut them, read the tableau according to your inquiries, then do three card layouts of the Lenormand to answer any unanswered questions.

When you are finished, I will draw three Oracle cards and three Tarot cards to sum up and cap it off




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