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Products available at these locations:

Gems of Silver City                           Zen Balm, Flower Essence blends 
218 N. Ballard St.                              and singles, Firming cream
Silver City, NM



Flower Essences

over 30 to choose from!

Bless Your Heart BLEND

BLESS YOUR HEART BLEND ~ Thoughtful blend for working through old or recent emotional wounds. For breakup, death, betrayal, heartbreak, sadness, depression

Protection BLEND

PROTECTION BLEND ~ Sheild and repair your energy field with these powerful protectors! Provides protection from psychic attack, seals the aura

Catalpa Tree

CATALPA TREE ~ Promotes the release of old and deep pain which has caused difficulty in the heart or lung area. A compliment to breathing therapies


HOLLYHOCK ~ Joy, Optimism, Humor, Faith, break through woundedness, connected to the Fairy realm, most suitable for children

Scotch Broom

SCOTCH BROOM ~ Letting go of fear of the future, especially of world events. Spirit created this flower for these times!

Red Rose

RED ROSE ~ Love, pure Love. Passion in your life's purpose, rescue from heartbreak and trauma

Trumpet Vine Orange

TRUMPET VINE ORANGE ~ Good for speech impediments, stage fright, shyness, confidence in soul expression, gives a warm and overflowing source of energy

Blanket flower

BLANKET FLOWER ~ A safe secure blanket that enhances healing, Earth Mother protective energy, unplug from chaos

Peach Blossom

PEACH BLOSSOM ~ Let go of Mother issues and/or trouble with female energies. Enhances mothering,



Bridal Wreath

BRIDAL WREATH ~ Joy, Happiness, Exuberance, do the Happy dance! Relief from sadness and depression

Morning Glory

MORNING GLORY ~ Good for addictions, works on the spine, regulates life's patterns such as sleep and habits that are out of balance

Turk's Cap

TURKS CAP ~ Open up, what are you afraid of? Especially good for sexual repression or blockages


SUNFLOWER ~ Balance of Male and Female energies. Joy, brings you out of your shell


DATURA ~ Communication with Spirit, Soul opening, spiritual transformation, helps insecurity, finding spirit animal helpers, meditation, divination


DAYLILY- Self worth, Inner knowledge, improves self esteem, clear process developing goals, staying centered, in the moment

Century Plant

CENTURY PLANT - Let go of the old, embrace the new, fortitude to survive in a harsh environment, celebrate departure of old patterns that no longer serve


YUCCA - Promotes enthusiasm, helps with procrastination and indecisiveness, overcome fear of challenges or difficult choices,

Silverleaf Nightshade

SILVERLEAF NIGHTSHADE - Own your own power in every way, powerful third eye stimulant, clears one from psychic interference, use as a single dose as required

Jack in the Pulpit

JACK IN THE PULPIT - Helps to resolve conflicts between past spiritual or religious experiences and present insight, developing authentic spirituality


HEAVENLY BAMBOO - Opening and aligning the chakras to receive light energy, Can alleviate stress and align the meridians, Slows heartbeat and breath

Globe Mallow

GLOBE MALLOW - Conscious choices, be aware of how your choices affect you and others, helps to express love and affection.

Black Locust

BLACK LOCUST - Cooperation and group harmony, relax and reconsider any issue. Balances masculine and feminine energies

Mountain Pride

MOUNTAIN PRIDE - Speak your truth, be a spiritual warrior. Speak up for yourself and the World


HONEYSUCKLE - Let go of moping about something in the past. Time to heal and integrate the sweetness of life


SWEET PEA - Social connectedness, helpful for instability, wandering, seeking, finding one's place on earth, Home


TRULLIUM - Provides a secure sense of personal welfare and financial well-being, helps materialism, poverty consciousness, dispels sacred geometry,

FE Goddess2.jpg

Goddess Elixir! flower essence blend 
This essence blend is all about embracing the great Goddess within every woman. Helps to heal and release old patterns of behavior and opens ones energy field to receive and give love. Overcoming sexual repression, Opens channels of feminine expression.
Flowers of: Turks cap why are you afraid? Why are you closed up? Silverleaf Nightshade own your own power in every way Red Rose powerful healing of old sexual wounds Peach Blossom embrace your feminine nature fully ~ healing of the Mother wound Mountain Pride erases fear of standing up for your truth, spiritual warrior Bridal Wreath pure happiness and celebration Sacred Datura goddess powerhouse, Opens channels of receptivity
$20 each 
Contact me for more information or to order
Goddess Blessings!

Flower Essences Singles....$10


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