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Zen Balm 2oz.

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Zen Balm is good for just about everything that hurts!

Customers report relief, from various ailments including arthritis, healing scar tissue after surgery, back pain, pulled and sore muscles, removal of moles (takes about a week of daily application)

Most excellent for broken bone repair (Comfrey root is known as 'The bone knitter'), sprains, tendon issues, etc.

Users report healthy new nail growth when treated daily for fungus,

Please see tesstimonial page for just a few comments...

Contains all Organic non GMO ingredients including: infused oil of Comfrey Root, Black Walnut bark, Mullein herb, Skullcap, White Oak bark, Gravel root, Lobelia, Marshmallow root, Wormwood, Olive il, Beeswax and a proprietory blend of oils.

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